Skyrank Limited is your home for various life experiences and solutions. Since 2014, we have made RELIABILITY be our motto.

We are committed to offering intervention driven solutions that are responsive to the needs of our customers in Capacity building, Research and Development.

Boasting of highly qualified and vastly experienced team, has a well-established network of Equipment and consumables manufacturers all over the world.

Our fundamental distinction is that our services are based on in-depth needs analysis, well researched, diverse, and current interventions using cutting edge best practices that provide tailor-made solutions.


Medical Equipment supplies and servicing - 8 years
Data Center Solutions - 6 years
Industrial Product Analysis - 5 years
Media, Entertainment and IT Equipment & accessories - 4 years


At Skyrank Limited, we understand that some institutions and departments needs to be operational 24 hours a day, 7days a week to ensure maximum productivity.

Our primary goal is to put your mind at ease when it comes to technical support for the equipment we supply and install in various fields

You should choose to work with us as a matter of pure economics and safety. Skyrank solution will prove effective in bringing you steady bottom line benefits over the long term.


At Skyrank, we believe in Brand Ownership. We only deal with Manufacturers with outstanding warranty policies and extends the same to our consumers

Our Engineers are Factory and site trained to take care of your equipment in terms of servicing, maintenance and repair.

For every equipment delivered for installation, we ensure that our workshop warehouse is well equipped with the necessary parts and accessories to take care of any eventuality

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Medical and Biotechnology Institutions, Food Production and packaging Industries, Geology and Mining Industries, Data Centres, Energy, Petroleum and Oil processors, Emergency and Disaster preparedness Service providers, Bulk Grain Handlers.

Specific Names available on request.